Marketing and Promotions

Bio Beauty has a in-house Design and Marketing team dedicated to our Bio Beauty Approved Salon's.

As a part of the Bio Beauty Solutions - we have the POWER to STRENGTHEN our partners business and allow them to be heard louder and known nationally. 


What can Bio Beauty Marketing do?

  • Logo review and Redesign

  • Website Review and Redesign

  • Business card; Print Ready 

  • Promotional Leaflets and Ideas. 

  • Social Media Set Up 

  • Loyalty Card Scheme Set up 

  • Increasing Online Presence. 

  • Many More 


Why chose Bio Beauty Marketing?  

Simple - because 80% of our Business Customers tell us that word of mouth marketing isn't strong enough any more - specially in the Beauty Salon industry. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to increase Business Awareness.