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About Us
BioBeauty is an innovative health and beauty company. We are at the forefront of the industry's most exciting brands and marketing initiatives. We have strong trend intelligence, business strategy, brand incubation and the creation of innovative retail programs across all channels of distribution. Bio Beauty has a large network which allows best in class R&D, product developmentcreative vertically integrated testing and manufacturing capabilities. 
                Bio Beauty 
'Innovating Beauty Perfection' 
Our innovation process goes through three main stages - ResearchDevelopment, and Product Launch:
World-Wide, World-Class Research Facilities
Our 4 main R&D locations are based in UK, USA, India and China - where work on science and technologies can be applied to our product development process. 
Our research aims to bring together the best thinking and ideas worldwide on product and markets, through our Bio Beauty Development Team, partners and close knit-link with Universities worldwide. 
Bio Beauty has a strong record for achieving breakthrough innovations. Proven to not only be successful with new products but also innovate existing products to significant premium quality with advance formulations. 
Developing products for 'Your Needs' & up to 'Your Expectations'
Bio Beauty Product Developers take our worldwide R&D expertise and breakthroughs in science and technology one step further, by focusing innovating unique insights into products that consumers want and need. Development and testing of new technology continues to take place until it fits the product requirement. Perfecting a product formulation is key, however innovation is taken further by ensuring consistency of item storage and longevity. (For example; Kiki London Nail Gel - we ensure our bottles are fully covered and not see-through as exposing direct sun-light to Nail Gel - hinders the life of the Gel). 
Launching new products into the market 
Our R&D Deploy Team draw on local knowledge - such as consumer preference, the regulatory framework, legal considerations and competitor products - as they ready a product for launch into relevant markets. They work closely with colleagues in Marketing and Supply Chain to ensure the new product can be manufactured efficiently in order to meet the needs of our consumers. aims to allow worldwide customers to purchase products in a fast, easy, safe manner. We have an in-house customer service team, which are able to assist Mon - Fri)

Please allow 24hours to dispatch.  

Please note, health and beauty products which have been opened or are not in the original packaging will not be accepted unless there is a manufacturing error. We will be happy to assist you in the best manner.

We accept payment from all Major Credit Cards.