FAQ's Minoxidil 10% Extra Strength Hair Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

 If you have a question about our products, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, to see if these help prior to contacting us:

How long does it take before Minoxidil 10% starts to work?

This will vary. Clinical studies have shown that Regrowth can occur as early as 8 weeks when using Minoxidil  Extra Strength Foam or Solution. But it can take up to 16 weeks to see results. Just bear in mind, results will vary from person to person, so you just need to be patient and consistent.

Will Minoxdil 10% work Fast for everybody?

No, there are several factors that may influence effects of Minoxdil including:

  • The predominance of hereditary hair loss in your family
  • The length of time you have been losing your hair
  • The specific type of hair loss condition you have
  • The area of hair loss on your scalp

However, Minoxidil 10% is proven to stabilise hair loss in 4 out of 5 men.


How long will a 1 bottle Minoxidil Extra Strength 60ml last?

Based on the recommended dose, approximately 30 days. As you near the end of one bottle/can, make sure you buy your next pack, as it is very important that there are no breaks during your treatment period.


If I use Minoxidil Extra Strength more often will it work faster?

No. Your hair won't grow any faster or better if you apply it more than twice a day.


Can I use Minoxdil Extra Strength on a receding hair line?

Yes you can use Minoxdil if you are receding as this is typically the early stage of hereditary hair loss.


What should I look for as a sign that Minoxdil Extra Strength is working?

You should begin to notice that you're losing much less hair (2-3Months). You will even begin to see new hair growth that may be soft, downy and lighter in colour than the rest of your hair (3-6Months). Over time, this hair should thicken and blend in with the rest of your crop.(12-18Months)


Will Minoxidil stop my hair turning grey?

No. This is strictly a Professional Hair Growth Treatment.  


Can I use a hair dryer while using Minoxidil?

You can use a hair dryer after shampooing, but Minoxidil should be allowed to dry naturally. If you use it to dry the medication the heat will cause it to evaporate before being absorbed into the scalp. Regular use of high heat can also damage your hair.

Can I go swimming after using Minoxidil?

Yes. But you should wait until the treatment is completely dry before taking the plunge. Don’t apply an extra dose of Minoxidil after swimming, wait until your next application.

Can I continue my normal hair care routine, using conditioners, wax, etc. while using Minoxdil?

You should continue your hair care routine as normal, but choose your haircare products carefully. Gentle shampoos and conditioners suitable to your hair type are best and always rinse them out thoroughly. If using any sprays, gels, wax or mousse, make sure that the Minoxidil you're using is dry before applying any additional products.

What are the common side effects?

Like all medicines, Minoxidil products can have side effects, although these don’t affect everyone and are usually mild.

Common – (1 in 20 People) Neurological: headache – (Start of treatment only)

Uncommon- (1 in 50 People)Respiratory: dyspnoea. Dermatological: pruritus, hypertrichosis, acneform rash, dermatitis, inflammatory skin disorder. Musculoskeletal: musculoskeletal pain. Metabolic/Nutritional: peripheral oedema. Psychiatric: depression.

Users should stop using Regaine if they experience chest-pain, tachycardia, faintness, dizziness, sudden unexplained weight gain, swollen hands or feet or persistent redness on the scalp.