Organic Coconut Oil Pulling Mouth Wash
Organic Coconut Oil Pulling Mouth Wash

Organic Coconut Oil Pulling Mouth Wash

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DR CHARCOAL® Coconut Oil Pulling (14 Sachets)

The technique of oil pulling is an old Indian Ayurvedic tradition that helps cleanse, freshen & naturally whiten your teeth for a healthier & cleaner mouth. The amazing properties of the coconut oil mix with the enzymes within the saliva to help tackle bad bacteria in the mouth. Using Dr Charcoal Coconut Oil Pulling will help reduce decay, remove plaque & stains from teeth, give you a cleaner tongue, stronger gums & detoxify the mouth to give you increased oral health.

Dr Charcoal uses a unique method of extracting coconut oil. Using cold processing technology and cool dry air, we dehydrate our organic coconuts then use multi-stage filtering to produce pure, nutrient rich coconut oil.



✔ 100% NATURAL COCONUT OIL PULLING – Advanced Formula using pure premium grade organic virgin coconut oil infused with natural mint essence to help naturally whiten your teeth.

✔ 14 CONVENIENT SINGLE TUBES PACKED IN GIFT BOX - No mess, no fuss, clean and hygienic individual tubes. As you know Coconut Oil becomes solid at room temperature, Dr Charcoal has innovated a designed tube which will warm up in the palm of your hands.

✔ TACKLES BAD BACTERIA, PLAQUE, DECAY, & BAD BREATH & REMOVES HARMFUL TOXINS. Cleanse & detox your mouth & improve your overall oral hygiene, more effective than whitening strips and whitening gels to give a naturally cleaner & healthier mouth.

✔ 100% NATURAL & PRESERVATIVE FREE ★ Premium blend formulated using cold pressed virgin coconut oil, no nasty chemicals or harmful substances, produced in a GMP clinical facility.

SUITABLE FOR VEGANS - Our Organic Charcoal Powder is Suitable for Vegans and Cruelty Free

PREMIUM QUALITY BRAND – DR CHARCOAL is a High Class Developer of 100% Natural and Organic Oral Personal Dental Care Products Developed Using Expert Dentistry Formulations and Robust Quality control Conditions


DR CHARCOAL® is a specialist in Mouth Detox and Teeth Whitening Specialist  



 Organic Coconut Oil and Spearmint Flavour

 Contains 14 Sachets of 10ml – (DR CHARCOAL COCONUT OIL PULLING)

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